The nappy bin is increasingly becoming and important part of childcare, this article explains why and what do look our for when choosing a nappy bin for the service sector.

Childcare is  important for many people in the modern world who try to juggle careers and families – a daily struggle for many households as is finding appropriate childcare.

Nobody will just leave their child with anyone no matter the qualifications and standards of the nursery and the staff, people need somewhere that can reflect their own wishes in the way they bring up their children.

Increasingly, people are reverting to more natural methods and eco friendly ways of raising their children and the resurgence in use of non-disposable nappies is one example.

More and more families realise the need to reduce waste and the nappy is unfortunately a large part of the problems we have in finding landfill space and preventing environmental damage. This is why many parents are now dismissing disposable nappies and reverting to the terry type towelling nappy.

And parents expect those that car for their children when they are not around to abide their wishes in the way they bring their children up which is why many nurseries and child care workers are buying nappy bins.

A nappy bin is more than just a bucket and there are several aspects to consider if you are to start using them.


Firstly you need an appropriate size. Small nappy bins may be okay for a home environment but when it comes to a professional childcare setting, the larger the better. A 65  litre nappy bin should be considered otherwise you may find yourself having to empty too often and will have to do more washing than is necessary.


Preventing smells, germs; and ensuring children can’t get access to the nappy bin is vitally important. This is another reason why a large 65l nappy bin should be considered and just as importantly you need to make sure it has a good fitting lid, otherwise smells can generate.


Here are some things to look out for when looking to buy a nappy bin:

Size matters with nappy bins - 65l nappy bin

Size matters with nappy bins – 65l nappy bin

  • Choose a large a capacity as possible, a 65l nappy bin is recommended
  • One that is Rugged, polyethylene is perhaps the best material as it is easy to clean and won’t allow germs to linger.
  • Chute lids for discretion and hygiene will prevent children from accessing the nappy bin and will make them easier to use
  • Airtight top will prevent smells

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