One of the biggest problems with running a school, college, university or other educational establishment is keeping the grounds tidy and litter-free. Schools and colleges can very quickly become untidy, partly because they house hundreds of young people with appetites for crisps and snacks.

Most of this rubbish is responsibly discarded in the school litter bin, however, in some schools and colleges. Headmasters and principles find certain areas become littered very quickly.

Often the playground or school yard and playing fields are quite susceptible to litter, with crisp bags and sweet wrappers quite often blowing across these areas. While there is much a headmaster and principle can do to ensure that pupils and students always use the school litter bins when necessary, solving the problem often takes more than threats of detention.

By and large, people – even students – would like to throw their rubbish away sensibly but it is often the size and logistic location of the school litter bins that causes the problem.

One of the major causes of littering in schools and indeed other places outside of educational establishments, is simply down to the lack of  litter bins. People will walk a good few yards to dispose of their litter, however, if that journey turns to a ten minute or an amble up stairs and around a corridor, the temptation to throw the litter on the floor can often be too strong.

Also litter bins that fill too quickly are also a cause for littering as people will continue to use a bin, even though it is overflowing and a full bin becomes nothing more than a pile of litter. It can also help to ensure you have the right school litter bin for the area. A small bin next to the vending machines will quickly fill while a litter bin placed in a quiet corridor can go unused for days.

Ensuring that there are enough bins in enough locations and they are the correct size will go a long way to ensuring that pupils and students are not littering but are using the school litter bins provided.

By assessing the number of school litter bins and their location and size can quite often reduce the amount of litter suffered by the school or college and will help to make the environment a better place to work and learn for all.

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