There has been much emphasis in the media over recent years about hospital hygiene and in particular the battle against hospital acquired infections. However, when it comes to the importance of hospital hygiene there is one device that is often overlooked and yet it is perhaps one of the most important tools in hospital hygiene – the hospital bin.

Hospital bins are vitally important as they house a lot of waste that can contain traces of bodily fluids such as blood and other waste that can be infected with microbes. Hospital bins are unlike other waste bins in that they also have to conform with the most stringent regulations.

Fire retardant bins for hospitals are often required in many areas as the health and safety of patients is crucial.

Fire retardant bins are often required in many areas as the health and safety of patients is crucial in medical environments. Fire retardant hospital bins are often sack Holders that are manufactured from high density polypropylene. Not only does this material retard fire but also it has anti-bacterial and anti-microbial qualities so will ensure the bin is not responsible for spreading of infections.

Many hospital bins have to be colour coded too for different areas and different waste such as yellow, orange, white and black. This is important to prevent any contaminated waste such as bandages from ending up on a conventional landfill.

There are other important aspects to hospital bins also. Whilst many bins around hospitals are simple sack holder bins they often have pedals (and even sensors) that prevent the need to handle the bin. This can be quite important as handling a bin, especially if it contains infectious waste, is not desirable to most people and can also lead to the spreading of infections.

Another important aspect to hospital bins is ensuring they are all of an adequate size. If a bin is filled before it is empty the there is often a temptation by people to dispose of the wrong item in the wrong bin, this can lead to medical waste ending up on conventional landfills or worse infectious material lingering on top of a full bin!

The hospital bin is a vital tool in ensuring that hospitals remain hygienic so it important for any hospital administrator that they have the right bins, that are the right size in the right areas.

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