Recycling has become a big industry over recent years. Not only are more and more people opting to recycle to ease their environmental conscience but also many local authorities and councils are insisting that residents and businesses start recycling. And fines and penalty notices are now being handed out to home and business owners who fail to do so.

There are now numerous recycling suppliers selling all sorts of recycling products such as the recycling bin. However, with so much variety on the market it can be quite difficult to establish the type of recycling bin that is required for your home or business.

There are a large number of recycling bins available for both the office and home and choosing the right bin can often depend on the circumstances but there are some key things to remember when buying a bin for home recycling or an office recycling bin:

*    Recycling bins are often sold in different colours to conventional waste bins This allows the users to easily distinguish between what is meant for recycling and what is normal rubbish. Different colours are often used to denote the different recycling materials such as green for garden recycling, brown for glass, white for paper, blue for kitchen waste etc. It doesn’t matter which colour you nominate for which material just as long as everybody that uses the bin is aware of the colour scheme.

*    If you only have space for one recycling bin then you can buy bins that have sperate compartments for the different recycled materials.

*    Some local authorities collect recycled material along with the other household waste so it is a good idea to ensure your bin is large enough to cope with all your recycling between collections. If a bin is too small then people may be tempted to dispose of the recycled material in a conventional waste bin which could lead to a fine in some local authorities.

*    Composting is a great method of disposing and recycling kitchen waste. Compact kitchen composers are available that can store and compost kitchen scraps while large compost bins are available to handle all the garden waste that can be recycled to provide plant feed.

Recycling bins are becoming ever increasingly more important so it is important you select the right recycling bin for your home or businesses.

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