The kitchen bin is perhaps one of the most used items in the household. Nearly everything can get thrown into the kitchen bin which not only means the humble kitchen bin can end up getting full all too quickly but also can mean a bit of a headache when it comes to recycling.

But kitchen bins needn’t cause so much trouble by selecting the right bin you cannot only ensure your kitchen smells fresh and looks clean but also you can make recycling your household waste a lot easier.

Recycling bins for kitchens

We are all probably aware of the need to recycle and whether you want to or not, the chances are your local authority is insisting you recycle some of the waste that you throw away. But separating all these items can be chore some, but it needn’t be.

Recycling bins for kitchens are an easy way of getting the household to separate the waste before it all ends up on the pavement for collection.

Some recycling bins come in sets with colour coded tops, this allows you to dictate what type of waste goes into each bin. And if this takes up too much space for your kitchen, you can get multi-compartmental recycling bins that have separate compartments on just one bin.

These double or triple compartment recycling bins are also colour-coded and are ideal for a busy family that is keen on recycling but not so keen on the hassle.

Hands-free bins

Recycling, is not the only concern for many kitchen bin users. Often the kitchen bin itself can be an annoyance. Not only can they become very messy as waste food gets dripped down them but also they are the number one culprit for causing smells.

Sensor Bins are an ingenius and high tech solution

Sensor Bins are an ingenius and high tech solution

Also, as handling a kitchen bin means having to wash your hands ensuring easy access is also important for the humble kitchen bin.

Pedal bins, swing top and single touch bins can remove some of the hassle but a sensor bin is perfect for a clean, smell free and easy-to-use solution for disposing of kitchen waste. These stylish and automatic bins open their lids when you approach enabling you to throw waste away with non of the hassle – and you don’t have to handle the bin either.

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