One of the biggest nuisances about bins is the smells hat can often be produced. Most of us will have come home one evening only to be greeted by the stench of rotting fish, meat of vegetation emanating from the kitchen bin.

But bin smells can be prevented and often there is usually a root cause why your kitchen or external bin is attracting flies and creating a stench:

The Right Bin

Often the problem causing bins smells s that the wrong bin is being used for the job. When sourcing a bin it is important you think about the type of waste that is being disposed of. Kitchen waste and other organic material is often what causes bin smells so you need to choose an appropriate kitchen bin that has been designed to hold this sort of waste.

External bins too are often a cause of smells and quite often it is because large amounts of kitchen and food waste are thrown away into the wrong type of external bin. If you have catering business you need to ensure the external bin you choose is manufactured to eb able to deal with large amounts of food waste.

The Bin Lid

One of the biggest causes of bin smells is a badly fitting lid. The bin lid is incredibly important for external bins and kitchen bins, or any other type of bin that has to hold rotting waste. The lid needs to fit well and remember, for external bins they need to be able to prevent vermin and pests from entering too.

Bin Lids are key to reducing smells

Bin Lids are key to reducing smells

Over full bin

Another cause of smells is that the bin should have been emptied. A bin that is too full may prevent the lid from closing which will cause smells but also there may just be too much stuff in there for it to contain the gases escaping from them.

For external bins you also need to make sure the bin can’t be knocked over easiliy as a spilled bin will cause smells and mess.

Bin Deodorisers

Bin deodorisers are a good short term fix and useful if you are dealing with some really strong smelling waste. These can mask a lot of smells and prevent the bin from becoming tainted by the smells of the waste it normally holds.

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