For local authorities, one of the most important aspects of keeping any city or town clean and free from litter is ensuring there are adequate bins to deal with the litter and rubbish the town’s population throw away.

The public litter bin is a vital tool in keeping towns and cities clean and inadequate bins, or lack of regular emptying will not only increase rubbish and litter but will lead to an increase in cost of tidying and cleaning up the town’s streets.

There are three aspects for selecting bins for public use and many local authorities and councils often make mistakes when looking for rubbish receptacles for public use leading to an increase in littering and fly-tipping.

But getting right is simple if you remember three key points:


Ensuring the right sized bins are used is vital in preventing littering. Once a bin is full it is no longer useful and litter will pile up and spill all over the place. This will then get blown around by the wind making it pointless in having a bin in the first place. Ensure you order bins that are the right size for the number of people that are likely to use it. Busy high streets will require larger bins than smaller villages.

Also, the size of bin will be affected by how often it can be emptied. If a high street bin is only empti4d once a week then you must make sure its large enough, or there are enough of them, to cope with a weeks rubbish.


Not having enough bins or placing them in the wrong area is another cause for increased littering. Studies have shown that most will not litter but will throw their rubbish in a litter bin if they are available. However, if the nearest bin is on the opposite side of the road or unseen around a corner, people revert back to littering.


Location will often decide the size and type of bin too. A high street bin outside a busy takeaway or fast food place will need to be large enough to cop with the amount of rubbish it will have to deal with but also will have to ensure that the food waste is not accessible to vermin.

Since the smoking ban many local authorities have found an increase in cigarette litter. This is due to more people smoking out of doors so its important that in areas where high amounts of cigarettes are discarded, large ashtray bins or cigarette bins are installed to prevent it.

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