Controlling litter and providing bins for schools can be a challenge, especially as more attention is focused on recycling. Providing bins for schools can be quite complicated as the type of bins, the requirements of them and the number needed can vary from school to school. But there are some basic principles:


Ensuring the bins are in the right place will prevent a lot of littering and can reduce the number of bins that are required. Exterior bins should be mounted close to entrances, this is convenient for people coming and going but ensuring they are mounted will prevent accidents or vandalism.

Interior school bins need also to be in prominent locations: canteen and main thoroughfares are the best positions but anywhere near a vending machine is also advisable.


Ensuring the right size bin is used depends on two factors: the amount of rubbish that is thrown into it, often this can depend on its position, and the frequency of emptying. If the bins are in the right position a large bin can do the job of multiple bins, this saves money, space and time in emptying.

Recycling bins

Recycling bins

Encouraging Recycling

Recycling bins are common in most schools now as pupils are frequently being encouraged to recycle and to think about the environment. Most recycling bins are colour coded which can help people know what to go in each bin but for classrooms, where space is a concern, triple and double compartment recycling bins can be used.

Cup collectors and can and bottle banks are often supplied to schools for vending and canteen areas and many schools are now ensuring classrooms use paper recycling bins too.

Specialized Bins

There are other requirements in schools too. Large kitchen bins are a necessity for canteens that serve hundreds and bathrooms need to be fitted with not just bins for towels but also sanitary bins too.

So when it comes to ensuring a school is supplied with the correct bins it is best to choose an experienced school bin supplier that can help guide you through the process of your requirements.

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