They say that in the city, you are never more than ten yards from a rat, whether this is true or not, one thing is clear, if you live in an urban area rubbish bags and unsecured bins are a real menace when it comes to attracting vermin.

The increase in littering around the cities is a worsening problem; paths strewn with litter and household waste are becoming commonplace – not because there has been a huge increase in vermin – but because quite often people’s external bins and dustbins are not up to the job.

And with more and more local authorities employing littering officers you could find yourself liable to a fine if you allow you allow vermin to litter your rubbish across the pavement.

Some of us have a dustbin, wheelie bin or other waste bin supplied to us by the local authorities, and while in some areas these are of good quality, other local authorities try to save money by supplying poor quality external bins or none at all.

If no bin is provided the weekly ritual of bin bags being ripped open by cats, foxes and rats continues and the streets, even in some affluent areas, can become filthy. Decent outside containers and waste collectors are often neglected by local businesses too and with the amount of waste that some takeaway and fast food places throw away, they exaggerate the problem many time.

But there is no need to rely on the local authority to supply a good quality external bin or good quality outdoor container – as they are not expensive and are readily available in a multitude of styles, shapes and colours.

Choose the style of bin that will suit your requirements, perhaps you need a large hooded waste container or just a traditional dustbin-like outdoor container would suffice. Whatever style you go for, whether its fa ree-standing bin or hooded waste container make sure its large enough for you requirements.

An overfull bin will be as useful as no bin at all when it comes to keeping vermin away so size is importance as is quality. Whatever style you opt for make sure it has a good quality lid and is stable so vermin won’t be able to tip them over.

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