There is a growing rise in the number of local authorities restricting their rubbish collections to bi-weekly. This fortnightly collection policy is causing householders a problem in that they have to store twice as much rubbish in their homes, for twice as long.

The problem with having too much refuse lying about is that it is all too easy for smells to develop which care not only unpleasant and can make your home reek for days but can also attract flies, vermin and other pests.

Black bags, while practical, are easily torn and along with smells – drips, leaks and spills can also attract the same problems.

Ensuring you keep your home and grounds pest and smell free can be quite difficult, especially if you are struggling for space in the dustbin, but there are some things you can do.

First of all, if the exterior bin is not big enough, buy a large bin for the outside. It is essential you get one with a good strong lid that will prevent smells getting out and pests getting in. The investment of a large outdoor bin will soon pay off if it means that you don’t have the hazards that excess refuse can bring with it.

Secondly, you can ensure your indoor bins are larger too. Perhaps the most empathises should be placed on the kitchen bin which is the one that gets the most use and has the most types of waste. Here too, it is important to ensure it has a good lid and that you wash the bin regularly. If smells do develop bin deodorizers are good way of reducing the problem.

Stylish colour coded recycling bins

Stylish colour coded recycling bins

Finally, one way of ensuring the rubbish doesn’t build up while you are waiting for the refuse to be collected, is to ensure you recycle as much of your waste as possible. A good set of recycling bins will mean that you can sort your waste as you dispose of and the more you recycle the less you have to throw in the regular waste bin.

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