There was a time that on an evening the day before the binmen came we didn’t have to do a thing. Early in the morning, the dustmen would come down the garden bath, take our sturdy dustbin and empty into the back of the waste compactor.

Things, however, have changed. Most of us now have to wheel our own bins onto the side of the road for the refuse collectors to empty. We then have to wheel it back. Furthermore, few of us have just one bin as recycling is now part and parcel of our rubbish collections.

Some people find recycling quite difficult and a bit of chore. Having to empty different items into the bin once a week. However, the key to recycling is to ensure you have interior recycling bins so you can separate recycled material as you throw it away.

There are two approaches to this. The first is to buy recycling bins for different materials. Recycling bins with colour coded lids are available to help you establish a rule for what can be thrown into each bin.

There is a variety of styles, shapes and size of recycling bin and some look quite modern and contemporary. The variety means you should be able to find recycling bins that suit you home.

The second method is to buy a recycling bin with multiple compartments. These are better for people in smaller homes where space is concern. They come in double or triple compartments each with a different colour lid. These too, come in various sizes and styles.

Stylish colour coded recycling bins

Stylish colour coded recycling bins

While most local authorities provide exterior recycling bins, not all do and some provide cartons that can easily get blown or knocked over. There is, however, nothing stopping you from buying your own external recycling bin which you can then empty into the proper receptacles when the time is required.

A lot of householders do this who don’t want too many bins in their home and don’t mind emptying the indoor recycling bins regularly.

Recycling bins are easy to use and are now a prerequisite for most householders so if you have not yet got a set in your home perhaps its time to start thinking about getting them.

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