Recycling is no longer a past time of fringe movements or idealistic groups. Recycling is now accepted by the vast majority of not only, a sensible and pragmatic approach to waste management, but also as essential in maintaining the environment and protecting our futures.

Even the reluctant few have found themselves getting involved as more local authorities and councils make recycling part of the by-laws – with fines and refusal to dispose of household waste for those refusing to participate.

All this means that the all of us are having to change the way we dispose of our rubbish. No longer can we just chuck things away into the waste paper basket or kitchen bin then dump the whole lot in the dustbin. Instead we have to separate our waste and may have to use several external recycling bins provided by the local authorities.

This can be a chore, if you only have one type of household bin but more and more people are seeing the advantage of buying recycling bins that allow them to separate their waste when they first dispose of it – rather than trying to separate it all the day before the dustmen come.

There are two approaches to this. The first is to use separate bins. To distinguish between the different waste that goes into each they are normally colour coded.

These colour coded recycling bins can come in variety of sizes – from 30lire household recycling bins to larger 50 litre recycling bins for business – and different colours. But there are no hard and fast rules as to what can go in each bin. A lot of people use the same colour system as their local authority – this prevents confusion.

The other solution is to use a single bin that has separate compartments. These are only  suited to households where space is limited. Like the separate bins the double and triple compartment recycling bins are colour coded – but smaller, multiple bins are usually a bette solution

Many of these bins can look quite staid and too industrial looking but there are some great modern designed and stylish varieties on the market – if you know where to look:

Stylish colour coded recycling bins

Stylish colour coded recycling bins

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