Straight from the Robin Leach Rich & Famous archives, it’s something no one can do without: lovely designer bins. You can spruce up your spot and make it really shine and dazzle when you add a delightfully gorgeous designer bin. Better yet, they are so darn beautiful add two and call them your bin twins!

Yes, you won’t be able to keep the paparazzi away for long once word is out that you have accessorized your office, school or business with a pair of these stunning bins. Not only will the media be a buzz about your sparkling Spaceboy or curvaceous Kickboy Classic, but you will probably find yourself doing more radio and telly interviews than you ever imagined.

Manufactured on the continent, these high-quality bins are so magnificently adorable that it is a downright shame to toss any trash into them. These bins typically are available in a range of colours that will match any decorum, and your nails and eyeliner if you wish.

Imagine the morale booster these will be in your office! You’ll love the impeccable quality, sleek design, 5 year guarantee, and baked-on finish that screams “Hey, look at me! I am so much more posh, luxurious and elegant than the average bin!” And when your bins scream things like that out loud, you know it won’t be long before others are screaming too! (Because frankly, it’s terrifying to think that bins can scream) But people will soon get over it and they will be flocking your business just to toss in a piece of racy rubbish or a bit of tawdry trash.

Designer Bins in Schools

If you are a school administrator, imagine the effect that having these spiffy designer bins conveniently placed in the halls will have on truancy and discipline. Why, what right thinking child would want to miss school when he could be popping wads of paper into these cheerful containers? Truancy problem solved! As for discipline, if little Julie is misbehaving, just remind her that bad children are not allowed to use the keen designer bins and that her trash will have to be placed in the old dull, grey normal bin. Discipline problem resolved! No child wants to be left behind, but more importantly no child wants to have to use the old dull, grey normal bin–how dreadfully boorish!

Spruce Up the Showroom

Slow sales because you just can’t get traffic into your store or showroom? No problem! Just grab a couple of these grand bins and set them out where all can see. Within minutes you will have lines around the corner as people gather in your location just to be near these regal receptacles. They are truly fit for a king, what a shame that they were created in an age where there are scant few monarchies left. But the king’s loss is your gain and you have everything to gain when you display your sophistication with these swank trash bins. They are so incredible that it almost seems wrong to use the word trash when describing them.

Glamorous Bins!

So what do you get besides the glitter, glam and high social standing? Well, you can rest assured that you will receive the finest quality ever bestowed upon a trash bin. From the easy to operate foot pedal to the shiny flip door, you will wonder how you managed all these years with that plain old dull, grey normal bin, you know, the “garbage” can. These designer bins are barely related to those garbage boxes you are accustomed to. These bodacious bins will make trash a thing of beauty. You may buy snacks and candy bars just to have something to throw away. That’s how alluring these striking designed bins really are.


You will find the wide range of colours and styles matched by the range of capacities. There is a price to suit every budget, but once you stand near one of these seductive bins you will know that money is no object. You will spare no expense to pamper and coddle your stately designer bins. Dependable, reliable, trustworthy, safe, secure and faithful; yes, all that and premium charm that you can only get with a true designed bin. How faithful is that old dull, grey bin?

With designer bins you get more than just a pretty face and pretty colours. You get a piece of rubbish bin history, a front row seat to the greatest receptacle show on Earth. These bins are guaranteed to never, ever toss trash back at you. Once you toss it in, it says tossed! Can you say the same for that old grey pile of junk? NO! How many times have you tossed in a wad of soggy, smelly paper towel only to turn your back and have it smack you in the head? Never again, my friend, never again! You can count on these chic designer bins to hold the trash that you place in them.

Designer Rubbish Bins for the Home

Now, even the homemaker can turn that dull kitchen in the show-stopping bombastic room that it was meant to be. Just place a couple of these convenient classic designed bins in the corners and voila! You might not be able to cook like a Food Network Superstar Chef, but you will be able to collect kitchen waste, wrappers, boxes and stale leftovers in the same swank style that they do! No longer will your somewhat disgusting food remnants and icky fish wrappings have to be thrown into a plain old rubbish can. Spice up your trash gathering the way the rich and famous do it, with a designed bin that boasts a lot of swagger and star power.

With these red-carpet cultivated trash bins in your kitchen you will have neighbours and friends and total strangers you’ve never seen before dropping in toss their rubbish into an authentic designed bin. If you know what’s good for you, you’ll be the first on the block to own a few of these babies. If you wait around the neighbours will be having all the star-studded gala bashes in their kitchen while you are resigned to tossing your kitchen waste into that old dull, grey trash can I so detest!

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