While few people planning the interior of a home or business pays much attention to the rubbish bins, often this can be a mistake as no home or business can function without one. There are bins in almost every room of most homes and no matter what type of business or building you work in – you will need some where to dispose of your rubbish.

Waste bins play an important role but that doesn’t mean that they have to look drab or unsightly – the right interior bin can make all the difference to the décor of a room and can be both practical and suited to the style.

Home Bins

For bins around the home it is important to remember that different rooms have different practicalities. Kitchen bins, for instance, need to contain smells, house food waste and be larger enough to cope with a busy household’s waste. A good fitting lid and made from an easy to clean material like stainless steel is important but that doesn’t mean they can’t look good and there are many stylized and designer bins for the kitchen.

Other bins around the home tend to only house paper and other dry waste so lids and being easy to clean are less important and the bins can be even more stylized. Designer bins, retro or even novelty bins can be used in differing room.

Hotel Bins often have to be fire retardant

Fire retardant bins

Office Bins

For businesses and around the office practicality is also important. Size and the type of bin are important to ascertain; it needs to be big enough to cope with the waste produced in between emptying while it also has to be practical to use – not taking up too much space. Often wall mounted bins are used in business as they can’t get accidentally knocked over.

Public Bins

With public bins there is another aspect to consider – safety. Ensuring the bin is safe is important. For this reason many public buildings have fire retardant bins and use transparent sack holders to prevent the possibility of the bin being used to hide contraband or explosives. Ensuring the bin is secure in any public building is also important so wall mounted bins tend to be used here too.

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