There has been a trend in the last decade of home improvement. Many people are choosing to invest time and money in their homes; and why wouldn’t we – we all like to live in a nice home.

Carpets, curtains, interior furnishings and wall paper are often changed to keep up with the latest designs and to ensure the household décor is complementary. And yet in all this refurbishment there is one item that is in every room that rarely gets an upgrade – the bin.

While many of us may change the wallpaper, three-piece suite and carpets – every few years or so – often the same tatty waste bin has been sitting on the corner through every generation of improvement.

Tucked under a coffee table or behind the toilet cistern the same problem occurs in nearly every room – the chic new furnishings are let down by the small embarrassment tucked in the corner.

And bins are in every room and yet we hide them away so they become a nuisance to use. These practical parts of our furnishings can and should be shown off as part of a regular furnishings.

Household bins may hold our rubbish but that doesn’t mean they have to look rubbish too. The bin has to sit in nearly every room so why not make sure it looks good too.

Designer bins are available now that can blend and match nearly any interior theme of a home. Often they are made from shiny alloys and have a modern trendy feel. They can also be really practical and have some great mechanisms for opening the lids.

Some sensor bins you don’t even have to touch, they have movement sensors on the lid so as soon as you come close they open up allowing you to drop any waste in them without having to handle the bin. These are great for kitchen or bathroom bins.

Other designer bins are available for nearly every room in the home, from living room bins to designer waste paper bins – and there are even bins for kids. So have a look in the corner of your rooms and ask yourself – am I ashamed of my bins?

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