Any good gardener knows the importance of a good gardening bin. It seems it doesn’t matter whether we are weeding, mowing, planting or seeding the garden is a key place for generating waste.

Many of us are now fortunate to receive gardening bins for our household gardening waste but so much more can be done with the waste from our back gardens that we are quite literally wasting our waste.

Most of the stuff that gets thrown out from when we are gardening such as lawn mowing clippings, weeds we’ve pulled up and leaf litter; can actually be reused by composting. Composting is simply the process of rotting down vegetable matter and using the by-product (compost) as food for the garden. It all sounds quite yucky and messy but there are compost bins available that can keep you compost out of sight.

A good gardening bin is still essential as not everything can be composed. Branches for instance will just sit on top of a compost heap and not decompose so a good sturdy bin is still required. It is always best to select a gardening bin with wheels for convenience as its better to bring the bin to you than traipse handfuls of gardening waste through the house.

Most gardening bins are similar to the conventional wheelie bin although they are mostly coloured green this is also quite useful as it stops you confusing gardening waste with other household rubbish which can be quite important as most gardening waste can be recycled but a lot of household litter can’t.

A good gardening bin needs a good lid too. Especially in the summer as keeping out flies from any bin is important otherwise they will slip through and lay eggs in the bin which can be horrible to clean up.

If you local council does not provided a gardening bin then they are not too expensive and a good quality gardening bin should last years so they are excellent value for money. Heavy duty gardening bins are also available for those that have allotments or work professionally in the gardening industry. These are often larger and are built to a higher standard to allow them to take the rigours of a busy working garden.

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