With spring around the corner it is a good time to begin preparing the garden for the warmer months. At this time of year a lot of garden waste can have built up over the winter and not only can it take a lot of work to get things in order, a decent gardening bin is required to get rid of the waste.

Increasingly, local councils are insisting that garden waste is disposed of separately to household waste, this is because it is degradable and can be used to make mulch, compost and other organic materials used in agriculture. This means that a separate bin is needed for the garden and with larger gardens, a good-sized garden bin is pretty much essential to keep the garden clear as the amount of waste like mown grass, weeding and other gardening activities produce can soon build up.

There are several different designs of gardening bin to choose from and they come in a wide variety of sizes too. Many garden waste bins are similar to the traditional dustbin, although commonly they are coloured green to help users identify the type of waste that goes into it, although any colour can be used for the job.

A good lid is important for a gardening bin as some waste in the garden can begin to rot and smell and will prevent wind from blowing grass cuttings and other waste around the garden after you have cleared it up.

These dustbin-type bins can be difficult to move around so increasingly wheelie bins are being used which allow householders to wheel the garden waste from the back to the front of the house ready for collection.


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