The busiest area of the home is undoubtedly the kitchen. It is the location where most of the household tasks are completed: cooking, cleaning and washing clothes etc. And the kitchen is also the area that contains the busiest bin in the home.

Kitchen bins are the most important bin around the home. Not just because they are so busy, but nearly every type of waste, including food, is disposed into them. Food waste, in particular, can cause problems with smells, so ensuring the kitchen bin is appropriate will prevent your home from having nasty odours about the place.

The one essential aspect of a kitchen bin is therefore the lid. The lid will prevent any odours from escaping so all bins for the kitchen should have one, but the lid itself can cause its own problems.

A lot of what we do in the kitchen involves food and when we dispose of food waste this means we have to raise the bin lid, and the bin is not the most hygienic object in the home, no matter how often it’s cleaned. The result is that most of us spend our time going to and fro from the sink, every time we have used the bin.

There are several solutions to this problem but the traditional methods have their own problems. The first is the trusty pedal bin which has been around for years. The foot pedal raises the lid so you don’t have to handle the bin but the downside is that you have to feel around for the pedal which can be cumbersome in the middle of cooking.

Another method has been the swing lid where the weight of the food dropped into the bin causes the lid to swing out of the way. This, however, means the lid is never snugly fitted as it needs to be loose enough to swing and it can get very grubby with all that food bouncing off it.

A more modern and practical solution is the sensor bin. These kitchen bins have sensors that raise the battery operated lid when you approach. These are ideal for the cook because not only do you avoid handling the bin but the lid is snug enough to prevent smells and food waste never has to touch it so the bin remains clean.

Sensor Bin - opens automatically

Sensor Bin – opens automatically

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