The world of technology seems to be travelling faster and faster. Within the last decade we have seen the rise of mobile phones, the internet and a whole of host of gadgets, gizmos and ways of communicating.

But one area where you wouldn’t expect all this sci-fi technology to infiltrate is the kitchen, and in particular, the humble kitchen bin.

However, even the menial kitchen bin has had a twenty-first century make-over in the guise of the sensor bin.

Sensor bins

Sensor bins are not just stylised gizmos either. They make look modern and designer but there is practicality behind them as they are an ingenius solution to a common problem:

Handling bins is way of spreading germs around our kitchen so every time you throw something in the bin you should thoroughly wash your hands – but do you, and if so, you know how annoying this can be, having to keep running to the sink as you are preparing a dinner.

There are swing-top and pedal bins that do solve this problem but swing tops have the problem of the lid getting dirty very quickly while pedal bins can be cumbersome to use.

Sensor bins, as their name suggests, sense when you approach with a handful of waste. The bin lid, controlled by a battery powered motor, raises the lid and then closes it once you have disposed of the rubbish and walked away. This means you don’t ever have to touch the bin and the bin lid will remain clean.

Sensor bins are not cumbersome either. Most sensor bins raise the lid silently,quickly and effortlessly and are so easy to use you’ll wonder how you lived without them.

They are stylish too, many of them are made from a good quality steel that is easy to clean and looks modern and contemporary – and will suit any kitchen from the rustic to the modern.

Ensor Bins are an ingenius and high tech solution

Ensor Bins are an ingenius and high tech solution

They are not expensive either, many sensor bins can be purchased at a relatively low price, especially from online rubbish bin suppliers and they come a variety of sizes – up to 50 litres, large enough for even a commercial kitchen.

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