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Every scrap can feed a crop

26 Mar 2014 by sobananapenguin in categories Articles, Bin chit chat, compost bin, food bins, home recycling bins, household bins, kitchen bins, recycling bin, recycling bins in the home | Be the first to comment here.

Food has always been a commodity that few of us enjoy wasting. Aside from the likes of royals, nobles and aristocrats of centuries gone by, when having more than you could physically ingest was a status symbol, the throwing away of good grub is seen as extravagant, selfish and even ignorant. This is why there […]

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Rubbish Bin Trouble Around the Home – Reducing Smells, Mess and Pests

28 Oct 2010 by Chris Taylor in categories dustbin, external bin, kitchen bins, recycling bin | Be the first to comment here.

There is a growing rise in the number of local authorities restricting their rubbish collections to bi-weekly. This fortnightly collection policy is causing householders a problem in that they have to store twice as much rubbish in their homes, for twice as long. The problem with having too much refuse lying about is that it […]

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Litter and Recycling – providing bins for Schools

16 Sep 2010 by Chris Taylor in categories external bin, kitchen bins, public bins, recycling bin, school litter bin | Be the first to comment here.

Controlling litter and providing bins for schools can be a challenge, especially as more attention is focused on recycling. Providing bins for schools can be quite complicated as the type of bins, the requirements of them and the number needed can vary from school to school. But there are some basic principles: Location Ensuring the […]

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Food Disposal and Waste Management

12 Aug 2010 by Chris Taylor in categories external bin, food bins, industrial bins, kitchen bins, rubbish tips, waste tips | Be the first to comment here.

Disposing of so much food brings with it many problems but many of those can be solved by good waste management and the correct rubbish bin. The amount of food that is disposed of waste bins in the UK alone, is staggering. Shops and takeaways dispose of 1.6 million tonnes of food each year; manufactures […]

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Beauty of the Sensor Bin – Design, Style and Practicality

30 Jul 2010 by Chris Taylor in categories catering bin, designer bins, household bins, kitchen bins | Be the first to comment here.

The world of technology seems to be travelling faster and faster. Within the last decade we have seen the rise of mobile phones, the internet and a whole of host of gadgets, gizmos and ways of communicating. But one area where you wouldn’t expect all this sci-fi technology to infiltrate is the kitchen, and in […]

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