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Gardening Bins

07 Dec 2010 by admin in categories Articles, external bin, gardening bin | Be the first to comment here.

Whether you’re a keen gardener, or just concerned about doing your bit to keep the planet healthy, it can be a good idea to invest in a couple of decent compost bins. This is not only a great way to recycling lots of your household waste, but the resulting compost is also brilliant for fertilising […]

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The Gardener’s Friend – The Gardening Waste Bin

19 Nov 2009 by Chris Taylor in categories compost bin, gardening bin, rubbish bins, waste tips | Be the first to comment here.

Any good gardener knows the importance of a good gardening bin. It seems it doesn’t matter whether we are weeding, mowing, planting or seeding the garden is a key place for generating waste. Many of us are now fortunate to receive gardening bins for our household gardening waste but so much more can be done […]

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