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Stylish Bins For Your Bedroom

17 Dec 2010 by David Howells in categories designer bins, stylish bins | Be the first to comment here.

They may not be the most exciting of household contraptions, but bins don’t need to be as perfunctory and practical as their reputation would have you believe. Everyone likes their bedrooms to look nice, right? You spend a lot of time in there and you want the decoration and accessorising to be good so you […]

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Recycling Bins – Next Generation of Rubbish Bin

14 Oct 2010 by Chris Taylor in categories designer bins, household bins, recycling bin | Be the first to comment here.

Recycling is no longer a past time of fringe movements or idealistic groups. Recycling is now accepted by the vast majority of not only, a sensible and pragmatic approach to waste management, but also as essential in maintaining the environment and protecting our futures. Even the reluctant few have found themselves getting involved as more […]

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Rubbish Bins – Importance of Design

19 Aug 2010 by Chris Taylor in categories designer bins, external bin, home improvement, household bins, public bins | Be the first to comment here.

Many of us may think of the humble waste bin as just a simple receptacle for throwing our rubbish in; however, there are a wide variety of different types of rubbish bin, all designed for different tasks and purposes. Design is highly important when it comes to selecting the right type of waste bin. So […]

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Beauty of the Sensor Bin – Design, Style and Practicality

30 Jul 2010 by Chris Taylor in categories catering bin, designer bins, household bins, kitchen bins | Be the first to comment here.

The world of technology seems to be travelling faster and faster. Within the last decade we have seen the rise of mobile phones, the internet and a whole of host of gadgets, gizmos and ways of communicating. But one area where you wouldn’t expect all this sci-fi technology to infiltrate is the kitchen, and in […]

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Intelligent Bins – Sensor Bins

15 Apr 2010 by Chris Taylor in categories bins for catering, designer bins, food bins, rubbish bins, waste tips | Be the first to comment here.

When it comes to disposing of rubbish, there is only one place it can go: the rubbish bin. However, the process of disposing of rubbish can be problematic in certain scenarios. Cooks, medical practitioners and people who work in the food industry are frequent users of waste bins, however, the problem for these people and […]

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Home Improvement Tips – What about the Rubbish Bins?

07 Jan 2010 by Chris Taylor in categories decor, designer bins, home improvement, household bins, rubbish bins | Be the first to comment here.

How our homes look says a lot about our characters and personality which is why each year in the UK alone £ billions are spent by people renovating, redecorating and replacing furniture around the home. Nearly every aspect of somebody’s home can be altered to match other aspects of the home but surprisingly very few […]

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