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Beauty of the Sensor Bin – Design, Style and Practicality

30 Jul 2010 by Chris Taylor in categories catering bin, designer bins, household bins, kitchen bins | Be the first to comment here.

The world of technology seems to be travelling faster and faster. Within the last decade we have seen the rise of mobile phones, the internet and a whole of host of gadgets, gizmos and ways of communicating. But one area where you wouldn’t expect all this sci-fi technology to infiltrate is the kitchen, and in […]

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Starting a Catering Business? Don’t Forget the Bins.

15 Mar 2010 by Chris Taylor in categories bins for catering, catering bin, service sector bins, waste management, waste tips | Be the first to comment here.

In every business there is waste. From discarded paper to scrap metal, waste is part and parcel of all businesses and industry. However, waste management in some business sectors is more important than in others. Catering is one such industry where more thought and consideration has to be placed on the disposal of rubbish than […]

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