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Children and Bins Safety and Requirements

11 Nov 2010 by Chris Taylor in categories bin facts, Bins for Care sector, nappy bin, public bins, sanitary bin, school litter bin | Be the first to comment here.

Rubbish bins are a necessary requirement of public bodies, institutions and businesses that work with children. Nurseries, schools and colleges generate a lot of waste and providing receptacles for safe and hygienic disposal is important; however, children and bins can often come into conflict and preventing injury, mess or damage is important when providing waste […]

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New Laws for refuse Collecting – Importance of Supplying the Right Bins

22 Mar 2010 by Chris Taylor in categories Bins for Care sector, external bin, household bins, public bins, service sector bins | Be the first to comment here.

There has been a lot of political debate in the UK and other areas of Europe and North America about the future of home refuse collection. Driven by environmental policy and the need to reduce the ever increasing costs of disposing of household waste, many new laws and regulations are being introduced to promote recycling […]

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Importance of Sanitary Bins in Social Care

11 Mar 2010 by Chris Taylor in categories Bins for Care sector, sanitary bin, service sector bins, Social Care Bins, waste management | Be the first to comment here.

The care sector is an important but challenging industry. Ensuring vulnerable people are cared for requires a multitude of skills and abilities, but when mistakes are made criticisms can often be scathing. Hygiene is one aspect where many sections of the care industry have come under criticism in recent years; the spread of hospital acquired […]

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