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Put it out, right out!

07 Apr 2014 by sobananapenguin in categories ashtray, Bin chit chat, cigarette bin | Be the first to comment here.

“Hey, mate. Got a light?” We’ve just looked up the latest smoking statistics, and would you believe that there are 10 million adult smokers in the UK? That’s a sixth of the population huffing and puffing away, and most likely coughing and spluttering a bit too. However, we’re not here to preach about your personal […]

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Sourcing Office Bins

30 Dec 2010 by Chris Taylor in categories ashtray, bins in the office, industrial bins, recycling bin, waste management, waste tips | Be the first to comment here.

As offices are busy places, where people can spend a large proportion of their working lives, they are also busy places for rubbish and waste. Office bins have to cope with a wide variety of waste and choosing office bins can be a challenge, especially with more emphasis on recycling. So knowing what bin to […]

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Rubbish Bins for Business – Keeping the Outside Clean

18 Nov 2010 by Chris Taylor in categories ashtray, dustbin, external bin, food bins, public bins | Be the first to comment here.

The outside of any business is important. Image and the way a company presents itself are key factor’s to any business reputation and there is no more a direct face of any company than the front of the premises. And while many businesses hire office cleaners and ensure the interior work space is kept well […]

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The Smoking Ban and Discarded Cigarette Butts

05 Nov 2009 by Chris Taylor in categories ashtray, cigarette bin, rubbish bins, smoking bin, waste tips | Be the first to comment here.

The smoking ban has created a better environment for all of us. But its introduction has had some unforeseen side effects; outside many buildings where smokers now congregate, an unsightly build up of discarded cigarette butts can often be seen. Many pubs, bars and restaurants have installed ashtrays but often they are too small and […]

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