More and more offices and businesses are becoming aware of the need to be more environmentally friendly and work with a more eco-friendly ethos behind them. Recycling is part of this process and as many people spend a large proportion of their lives at the office or workplace, recycling here can have huge benefits to the environment.

We consume a lot of items at work, from sandwiches and snacks, to hot drinks, cans of pop, and confectionery. We also use a lot of recyclable material at the office such as paper, which can be recycled. And by recycling at work, more people can also be encouraged to recycle at home too which can lead to a better environment for everybody.

The key to a successful recycling regime around the workplace is ensuring the staff have the facilities to dispose of things properly, and recycling bins are the prime piece of equipment to achieve this.

A variety of different solutions and designs of recycling bin are available and selecting the appropriate ones is very much individual to each business and the processes and facilities they offer.

For instance, offices that have vending machines often have a glut of polystyrene, plastic or paper cups. These can be disposed of in cup collectors, which can be supplied with or without a flask to allow unwanted contents to be disposed off.

Similarly, a lot of offices have vending machines of canned drinks and these too, have a specialist can bank that can collect the recyclable cans ready for recycling.

Paper too can be collected in paper recycling bins and even documents with private or confidential information on them can be stored for shredding in lockable recycling bins, which will go along way to ensure an office is in keeping with the Data Protection Act.

For general waste, office recycling bins often come in multiple colours. This enables you to have a rule for what can be disposed of in each bin. Plastics in one, paper in another, food waste in a third, etc etc. Increasingly, local authorities are expecting businesses to recycle and provide recycling bins for use, but by offices having their own, the waste can be separated before it has to be emptied, saving valuable time and a lot of mess. Outdoor recycling bins are also available and these too can be colour coded to provide a simple way of describing what goes into each bin.

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