No matter whether you work in an office that’s large or small, chances are, you have a clutter problem. Some offices are trying to make the move to a ‘paperless environment’ in order to be more environmentally friendly, but, for the most part, there’s still a big need for good office bins in order to deal with the worst of the mess.

It can seem a bit of a pain, really, having to spend valuable working time, dealing with your rubbish, but there are some very good reasons why you should use your office bin. Firstly, there’s that old maxim of a clutter-free environment equalling a clutter-free mind. Chuck away your discarded plastic wrappings and put all your unnecessary paper in the paper recycling bin and see if it comes true.

Secondly, better organisation means better productivity. You could set up a range of office bins with different functions – one bin for paper, one for plastic, one for glass and one for general waste. Recycling as a matter of course is not only good for the environment but will mean you can highlight your energy efficiency to clients. All this from using a bin – could be worth it, after all.

Thirdly, studies suggest that office waste forms around 6% of all solid waste produced in the country, which is a lot, so spending some time setting up a good system of recycling bins will benefit everyone.

Also, bins don’t have to be big, ugly and intrusive. Increasingly, they come in a range of styles and materials to suit every need. You could get a sleek stainless steel bin to fit into a modern, clean office environment, or perhaps some funky plastic recycling bins to make being eco-friendly more attractive.

If you work in a large office with electrical equipment, it can also be worth having a separate bin for batteries as these need to be specially recycled due to the acid. There are companies you can hire to pick up your used batteries, so if you have a lot of them, it could be worth getting a separate bin for this purpose.

If you’re stuck at your desk a lot of the day with little time for moving around the office, you could get yourself a desktop office bin. These are small and discrete and are a good way to get rid of your rubbish instead of leaving it scattered around your desk. Alternatively, you could get a trusty waste paper basket and hide it under your desk.

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