When it comes to disposing of rubbish, there is only one place it can go: the rubbish bin. However, the process of disposing of rubbish can be problematic in certain scenarios. Cooks, medical practitioners and people who work in the food industry are frequent users of waste bins, however, the problem for these people and many others in similar trades is that every time they touch the bin they have to wash their hands.

This frequent hand washing can be really problematic, especially if you are constantly using the bin and having to run to the sink. However, bin lids are important, especially when you are dealing with organic material as those in kitchens or hospitals do. Infection and pests need to be deterred and the smells and risk of infection are also reduced by a good fitting lid.

However, here lies the problem. A lid has to be lifted for items to be disposed of; hence the need to touch the bin and the following requirement to wash your hands in some industries.

There are of course different automatic methods of raising the bin lid:

Swing-top bins are a simple solution but the problem with swing lidded bins is that not only does the lid get very dirty with waste constantly falling on it; to be able to swing the lid needs a sufficient gap which means it is ineffective at keeping in smells.

Pedal bins are another solution but they can be quite cumbersome to use and require a pedal to be sticking out of the bin; and while the lids are often a tighter fit than swing bins, they are still not perfect.

There is however, a modern solution – the intelligent sensor bin.

Sensor Bins don;t require any contact

Sensor Bins don’t require any contact

Intelligent bins use a sensor that when approached automatically raises the lid of the bin thanks to an electric motor. The lid also shuts itself once your hands are clear so there is never a need to touch the bin at all.

The lids react at the perfect distance and quite swiftly so there is no waiting around for it to open. These automatic sensor bins have great tight fitting lids and are of a modern practical design that also looks the part and can save you time, especially in a busy kitchen or food production area.

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