In every business there is waste. From discarded paper to scrap metal, waste is part and parcel of all businesses and industry. However, waste management in some business sectors is more important than in others.

Catering is one such industry where more thought and consideration has to be placed on the disposal of rubbish than in other sectors. Preventing vermin and pests, as well as ensuring there is no risk of food poisoning from your business should be a top priority for anybody starting out in the catering industry.

And one of the most important aspects of this waste management is the use of the right bin. The right kitchen bin is crucial for any catering business and the criteria for a kitchen bin often differs to conventional bins. Kitchen bins have to store food products that will rot and smell whilst also preventing the attraction of pests and vermin.

A swingtop bin will also prevent you from having to handle the bin

A swingtop bin will also prevent you from having to handle the bin

The lid is perhaps the most important aspect of the kitchen bin. A good fitting lid that prevents smells and will ensure the local wildlife are not attracted to your kitchen. But also there are other aspects to the kitchen bin that needs to be considered.

A pedal bin should be really used in a kitchen as a lid that is opened manually can soon get dirty and will force you to wash you hands every time you use the bin. A kitchen pedal bin means that you can quickly dispose of peelings or other items without having to run to the sink which cumulatively will save a lot of time. A swing top bin will also prevent the need for touching the lid.

Pedal bins are a good idea for the kitchen

Pedal bins are a good idea for the kitchen

Kitchen bins get more use than other types of bin and ensuring they are a good size is important (and a bin is easier use if it’s waist high as you won’t risk missing it) but the size is also dependent on how often the bin is going to get emptied.

The exterior bin used for a catering business is also important to consider and although a good fitting lift to prevent smells is important aswell, most rubbish should be bagged up in there so a more important aspect to the exterior bin is to ensure that the local foxes, cats and rodents can’t gain access. Like the kitchen bin the exterior bin’s size is also dependent on how much waste you dispose of and how often the bin is emptied but in both cases it is always best to buy kitchen bins or exterior bins that is slightly larger than needed.

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