The kitchen bin is one of the most used items in our home. Everything gets thrown into them, from food waste to old newspapers, and failing to get the correct bin can cause problems.

Ensuring you get the correct kitchen bin can be important but often people buy the wrong types of bins for the kitchen and getting it wrong can cause all sorts of problems.

The wrong type of kitchen bin:

* Can lead to bad smells around the home

* Can attract vermin and pests

* Can look bad

* Can be messy

* Can be unhygienic

In buying a kitchen bin there are several important aspects to think about which will ensure you don;t suffer any of the problems above.


A kitchen bin needs to be large enough to cope with the amount of waste it will receive. Think about how many people will be using it; how often you can empty it and where it can fit in the kitchen. It’s important to remember that height will make a difference when it comes to disposing of things. Too low and you may find the bin gets covered in waste.

A swingtop bin will also prevent you from having to handle the bin

A swingtop bin will also prevent you from having to handle the bin


Perhaps the single most important aspect of any kitchen bin is the lid. A goo tight fitting lid is important to prevent smells from not only stinking the house out but also attracting the local wildlife. But a lid also has to be practical and easy to raise. Remember you may have to scoop food waste into the bin so a pedal bin, swing or even sensor activated bin lid will prevent food waste from dirtying the bin, it is also be more hygienic as you do not have to touch the bin to place waste in it.

Easy to clean and Empty

A bin has to be practical so avoid anything that is made form material that is difficult to clean or isn’t rugged enough. A good kitchen bin can be attractive but remember functionality is the key, it should also be easy to empty and shouldn’t be vulnerable to tipping.

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