Waste bins are an important aspect of waste management and keeping institutions and public locations clean and rubbish free, but there are several aspects of providing waste receptacles for the general public in these locations that have to be considered when installing public bins.

Locations like hospitals, hotels, airports and other transport hubs where members of the public congregate or stay, have to think about safety – and many of these locations have to adhere to stringent safety rules.


Hundreds of fires are started in bins each year, and while many of these are acts of petty vandalism in outdoor areas, if a hospital bin or those in hotels are set on fire then it could lead to catastrophic loss of life.

Stringent fire safety rules are set in places like this so bins need to be fire retardant. Fire retardant bins are commonly used. These are made from metal, including the lids and are sometimes bolted into place.

In outdoor public locations wire-mesh sack-holders are often used which are also resistant to fire and unlike plastic bins won’t melt if they are set on fire.

Bomb Threats

In public locations such as airports, an unfortunate consequence of the time we live in is the need to ensure that bins can’t be used to hide explosive devices in.This is why it is common to see see-through sack holders in these sorts of locales.

Other Issues

As vandalism is an all too common problem in public locations, often bins are wall mounted or floor mounted to avoid the contents from being spilled or the bin getting kicked over.

It is also important for bins that may contain private information to be lockable, this is common in locations that have to dispose of documents which is why lockable document bins were designed to prevent confidential information from being taken from the bin.

If you have to provide bins for a public location and are worried about security or safety, why not speak to your bin vendor who should be able to identify the type of bin you need and the safety requirements for that area.


Fire Retardant Bins

Fire Retardant Bins


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