Most of us have a rubbish bin sat at the front of the house. There must be millions of them up and down the country but other than on rubbish day when someone comes round to empty them, few of us ever give the bin a second thought.

However, there are people who have looked at bins and thought, ‛Hmm, now here’s an idea,’ and have put the bin to some use, other than what it was designed for.

Here are some things people have done and used bins for other than for disposing of rubbish.

Bin Racing

Believe it or not, there are a whole host of racing events organised for bins. The annual wheelie bin racing championship in Thoona, Australia is a huge event and has been going for years. The idea of event is to take wheelie bins and convert them into down hill soap box carts. There are strict rules and regulations but anyone can enter an it is incredibly popular with families.

Wheeli Bin racing in Thoona

Wheeli Bin racing in Thoona

Other bin racing goes on around the world and most take a similar theme to the Thoona races but are less well organised.

Bins on ice

People in Canada have found a great use for the bin. Recycling bins and other receptacles are often used as sledges and ice carts. In areas all over Canada young children and families can be seen having fun in these make shift receptacles. A good though if you are to have a go yourself – make sure its empty.

Babies in bins

It is sadly all too common for new born babies to be left in bins too. Often its by mothers who can’t cope and they are often place din bins near hospitals. Because of the growing number of babies left like this, baby bins have been introduced in Germany which are secure and heated enclosures designed for confused mothers to leave their babies in. Many of the children left in the these bins are often reunited with their mothers soon after so the project seem to be effective.

More sinister things bins

Unfortunately because most of use never give the rubbish or litter bin a second thought all sorts of sinister items have been deposited in rubbish bins. Bodies (and parts of), guns and explosives have also been deposited in rubbish bins.

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