There was a time that most of us had only one bin. A large plastic or metal container that sat in the back yard or alley. All our household waste would end up in this dustbin, which was conveniently emptied, without contention, every week.

But times move on and now with more and more emphasis on recycling and with local authorities trying to minimise waste disposal, the number of bins householders require has now increased.

Recycling bins are a vital tool for any household that is recycling as they separate conventional waste with recyclable items. And they are numerous in type too with recycling bins for paper, glass, cans; gardening bins, composting bins, nappy bins.

And with so many different types of recycling bin and differing requirements for recycling. It can be confusing to decide what and how many recycling bins are needed.

But there are products out there that can make life easier and some can even help save money as well as the environment.

Recycling bins for bottles, glass and cans

There is really no need for this type of bin at home but for businesses or institutions these are important to ensure people separate the recyclable items that are commonly consumed in these environments. And don’t forget, tins and cans can even be redeemed for cash if they are of the right metal.

Household recycling bin

Householders will often be supplied with recycling bins outside for the external waste. Different councils provide different bins for different waste but there should be clear notice of what materials should be disposed of in each. For indoor use a good recycling bin for the kitchen is probably a good idea. Some of these have several compartments so its easy to separate was when it first gets thrown away.

And if you have a new born, are expecting, or work in the child care industry. A good quality nappy bin is essential. By returning to washable nappies you can dramatically reduce your waste as well as save a fortune on disposable nappies an diapers. Large capacity nappy bins are available that can handle even the busiest nursery or child care setting.

Whatever type of recycling bin is required you should ensure its a good quality recycling bin and from a reputable supplier. There are really three things to remember when you are looking for recycling bins: It should be well manufactured; Practical and modern in design; Have a good quality lid that fits to prevents smells.

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