EN840 is name of a standard, and it is attached to one of the simplest products we use. It is the national standard for mobile waste containers. EN840 is a very popular standard that is used in Europe, and many people in the industry may already be familiar with it. In fact, EN840 is one of the most commonly used specifications in the world.

For example, many bin providers follow parts 2, 5, and 6 of EN840. The best suppliers want to sell the safest and most durable products possible, and they follow EN840 to do that. When any quality-assured bin is picked up by a refuse vehicle, it is assured that they will be emptied correctly regardless of what type of vehicle it is.

Many bins also have handles to help increase safety. This handles are designed in a way so that refuse vehicle have enough room to lift the bin without it interfering with other items. This ensures that an effective and safe job will be accomplished each and every time. These bins have also been tested in every weather condition imaginable and can withstand almost anything. This increases their safety level. It also increases their durability and ensures that the bins that pass EN840 will be able to last for many years.

In addition to increased safety, top bin suppliers focus on making sure their products last a long time. They are focusing on durability for their products. Professional bins are tested for a lot of different things. The bins that pass EN840 are proven to last a long time due to their design and material. The castors are tested for both strength and rolling ability.

Disposing of our waste and recycling are vital for our livelihood. Littering can harm animals and the environment. When items are recycled, they are reused. If things weren’t recycled, then new materials would have to be made all the time. This adds to the amount of waste we would have. We are already running out of ways to deal with waste and the results of not recycling are devastating.

By having bins that have to follow the EN840 standard, it helps us protect the planet. More people will be willing to dispose of their waste properly and recycle if they have efficient bins. They are even more likely to do this if the products come with a long life guarantee.

Additionally, the safety of workers is also something that the code enforces and this could potentially save lives. Safety in waste management is an extremely important part of the industry, and EN840 helps ensure that waste containers are safe for use.

EN840 is a very important code when it comes to waste and recycling management.

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