According to GOV.UK, the local council is the best source for the official word on rubbish matters in your area.

After deciding to check the site for answers to burning questions regarding rubbish frustration began to set in. From the home page, click on Housing and Local Services. Then click on Local Council and Services. Then click on Find Your Local Council, click Start Now. Enter your location information and you will be transported to your local home page.

Birmingham City Website

Turning to the city councils’ websites, it is easy to locate more definitive information. On the Birmingham City Council page we find answers to the questions pertaining to the issuance of rubbish bags, how to report a missed collection, how to report problems with bags and bins, and how to request bags and boxes (for new occupiers). Information is complete and easy to find right from the home page.

There is also a service survey to let them know of any complaints or compliments and a “Contact Us” section for getting more direct assistance.

The City of London Website

The City of London website also has a wealth of information that describes the time banding waste collection scheme, where recycling centres are located, how to report an issue, non-recyclable waste collections, food waste, and bulky waste. The layout is more text than graphic and one must look under the services tab, then the environmental tab, then finally the Waste and Recycling page. Though the need to drill down to this extent is frustrating, the information provided at the end of the drill down is valuable and complete.

Manchester Website

Just as with Birmingham, Manchester’s page is a charm to use. Upon arriving at the home page, there is a list of sub-pages on the lower left hand side. Recycling, Rubbish and Waste is easy to spot. That link leads right to a well-laid out that covers a plethora of important, relevant topics.

It is easy to find the collection schedule by entering one’s postcode or street name. Entering the street name opens up a list of all addresses on that street. When the resident clicks on their address, a page is presented that lists Next Collection Dates for Grey Rubbish Bin, Food Kitchen Caddy, Recycling Brown Bin, and Recycling Blue Bin. There is also a link on this page that allows one to download the bin collection calendar. The two page PDF file that is generated is a four-color poster that shows easy to understand tips on recycling on page one, and the full-year collection calendar.

Lancashire Website

Moving on in Lancashire, within two seconds of opening the home page, the word WASTE popped out in the middle-top of the page of the maid menu bar. The graphics are well placed and easy to navigate.

From the Waste link on the home page the Waste page opens and presents five new menu tabs. These include Household Waste Recycling, Waste Recovery, Household Waste Collections, Recycling and Composting, Household Waste Centre Review and Municipal Waste Management Strategy 2008-2020.

Clicking on the link titled BIN COLLECTIONS opens up a page that lists the 12 local District Councils as well as the two Unitary Councils that are not a part of the Lancashire County Council administrative area.  Clicking on the link for any one of the Districts opens the rubbish, waste and recycling page for that district. In each case the relevant information is easy to locate.

Liverpool Website

The last major city council in our search for the official word on rubbish in England is Liverpool. It is the fastest page of them all. BINS & RECYCLING appears right in the very center of the page and is the first thing that catches the eye. It was immediate. No hunting, no searching, no looking; because the eye is automatically drawn to the words.

Under that link there are sub-links so that the user can navigate straight to the point of interest. Links open pages that describe what items are to be placed in the purple bin, the blue bin and the green bin.

Warning is given as to what items must NOT be placed in each bin as they will not be emptied if improperly loaded. Yet another link describes how to order and correctly load a composting bin. While not offering as much content as the others, Liverpool is the most user-friendly.


So, in conclusion, the official word turns out to be that of the local council and each council has their own specific site. The sites are not uniform, some are better than others, but all are packed with answers to at least the most frequently asked questions.


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