What Is the Compo-Sphere?

The Compo-Sphere is a device that will help you turn your garden waste easily into useful compost. This creation will make your life a lot easier while providing a good alternative to recycling. The equipment itself is not too big, but has a tremendous 315 litre capacity. It works by rolling the organic materials inside the sphere, and this action makes the components break down faster. In addition, it is easy to carry around the apparatus separates into two pieces that are very easy to store. It was designed to last for years given its UV protection features, and durable plastic construction. It also comes with innovative rolling wheels for advanced mobility and support.

Why Compost?

Composting is an efficient way to take all your garden leaves and grass waste into reusable rich soil that you can then utilize on plants. The Compo-Sphere makes composting an easy and fun process that everyone in the family can do. Its unique shape helps the organic components inside the sphere disintegrate faster than nature would do it in real time. It also saves a lot of money in the long run by allow you to avoid buying expensive prepackaged compost bags from retail stores. Your conscience will feel a lot better because doing your own composting helps to abstain from sending garbage bags to landfills and treatment centres. It will make all your plants, grass, flowers look better because compost have natural nutrients that keeps moisture inside. Having healthy greens can also keep away plagues and pests.

A Sensible Recycling Solution

Recycling is an activity that most caring people are getting into these days. It helps the environment, and creates a good culture for future generation. Furthermore, besides being made from completely recyclable materials, the Compo-Sphere will be a great investment for your daily habits given its incredible efficiency, and extremely low maintenance costs. As an added bonus, the manual turning action of the sphere will exercise your arm muscles, and help you keep you body active. This device is an investment for future generations, and your children will also enjoy an activity that is entertaining, and beneficial.

Moreover, the Compo-Sphere processes more than just garden waste; it will also accept kitchen garbage such as tea bags, vegetable wraps, and egg shells. You can also include chicken manure, and wool materials.

Equally important to note, there are some other objects to avoid such as introducing meat or fish scraps, metal or glass components, coal ashes, and pet waste, as these will not be processed and composted.

Another great tip for composting with the Compo-Sphere is to introduce some water from time to time to make the mechanism work a lot better as most garden waste such as fallen leaves can be very dry.

To sum it up, composting is a great way to benefit your community, and the planet. Furthermore, doing this activity is a great incentive for new generations to be good citizens by creating a wider recycling culture. The Compo-Sphere is an affordable, and attractive device that will satisfy all your composting needs, and make your life a lot easier in the process.

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