There are many different kinds of bins available on the market, with one available for almost every purpose, style of decor, and budget. Many designer bins are also becoming available in retro, coloured, and ethnic inspired styles. This article will discuss the multitude of bins available on the market and the advantages they each offer.

Internal Bins

Internal bins are available in a wide range of colours and designs these days. Many people keep internal bins in multiple rooms throughout the home or apartment, including the bathroom, kitchen, and home office. The amount of bins needed often depends on the amount of people living in the home and how much waste is produced by the inhabitants of the home.

Keep a Lid on It?

One thing to consider about internal bins is whether or a lid is necessary. Garbage bins that hold items such as kitchen waste or litter box waste will benefit greatly from having a lid, as it allows for foul odours to be contained. It is also a good idea to have a lidded garbage bin if there are pets in the home, as this will keep them out of the trash. If the bin will primarily be holding paper waste, such as the kind generated in a home office, or smell is not an issue; a lid isn’t as necessary.

Pedal Power

Indoor bins come in a variety of materials such as metal and plastic and can usually be fitted in with any sort of interior decor. Some bins come available with a foot pedal, which allows the particularly squeamish or germ-conscious to avoid actually having to touch the lid.

Getting Green

Another popular type of bin is the recycling bin. With recycling becoming more and more popular, many are in need of bins to sort their waste. These bins are available in a color-coded style, which allows for easier sorting of recyclable waste. Bins are also available in a compartmental style, meaning one solid bin unit divided into two or more receptacles. This allows for the recyclables to be sorted and for the homeowner to save space – one bin that holds multiple types of recyclables.

The Great Outdoors

Bins also serve an important purpose outdoors. Depending on the location, outdoor bins can house anything from cigarette butts to park garbage to compost items such as leaves and grass clippings. Outdoor ashtrays and cigarette disposal bins can be wall-mounted or free standing and keep unsightly cigarette butts off the ground. Gardeners and groundskeepers will greatly benefit from outdoor bins, as they can be used for a variety of purposes.

Some people choose to keep their lawn clippings and dying leaves in an outdoor bin in order to compost them. Others choose to use outdoor bins as storage for items such as mulch or gardening soil. Many people choose to keep their garbage outdoors in order to keep it from stinking up the house. This is a good idea but can also attract pests such as bugs, foxes, and neighbourhood strays. By choosing an outdoor bin that is lidded and secure, homeowners and renters can avoid the nuisance of having to clean up trash that is spilled by neighbourhood pests.

And the Rest!

Some bins serve very specific purposes. For example, hospitals use specific bins for things such as used needle disposal. These must be made according to hospital guidelines, so they often times have to be custom ordered or purchased through a service that deals strictly in bin manufacturing and sales. Many bins are designed for the specific removal of hazardous and unsafe materials and these also must meet specific regulations.

There are a plethora of bins available on the market, with something to fit every style, budget, and purpose. By exploring your options, you can not only find the bin that is perfect for your needs but also something that reflects your personal style.

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