Image by can have a huge pact on the environment, but is something most likely everyone has done in their life. Even something as small as a receipt out of a window can have devastating results. This is because this can lead to a build-up of waste. It can also cause things like fires and the death of wildlife. Make sure to also throw your garbage away no matter how small it is. Fast food wrappers are one of the most commonly littered items because individuals do not want trash in their cars. However, it is important to dispose of these items in a rubbish bin instead of out of a window!

It is illegal to litter in the UK – and with good reason. If littering wasn’t illegal, then many people would just throw anything they choose to onto the ground. This would be a huge problem. Not only could animals be harmed by the trash, but it would cost a lot of money for the government to clean up after the mess that people would leave. Millions of pounds are spent each year to clean up the mess of litter in the UK. If littering wasn’t illegal, this amount would be substantially greater. This would also raise taxes. The government would have to pay for the clean-up and the citizens would be the ones who would ultimately be paying for it. Even now, citizens pay for the clean-up of littering. If there was less littering, taxes could potentially go down or the taxes could go to a more worthwhile cause. The taxes spent on cleaning up litter is being taken away from education and helping out the poor.

Littering can have a huge impact on wildlife. Animals can choke on litter or get strangled by it and die. The death of any animal is sad, but wildlife is a vital part of the ecosystem. If there is a lot of littering, the amount of wildlife could greatly decrease and this could affect our ecosystem and affect us. Wildlife keeps the ecosystem intact and we reap the environment benefits from it. Without a balanced ecosystem, the environment will be damaged, and our world may not be able to sustain. Of course, these are dramatic projections, but this is something that could happen. It’s not impossible, and that is a very scary idea.

When areas attract litter, they attract crime. Litter makes a place look broken down and abandoned. This encourages crimes like vandalism and graffiti. Additionally, areas like this might attract even more litter! These may turn into spots where people will dump larger items. This often happens in areas that don’t get a lot of traffic. Grass verges are often the location for dumping like this. Avoid littering in areas that already have litter! In fact, if there is already small amounts of litter in your area, pick it up to clean up the area and keep crime away.

Another huge potential problem is that littering can cause fires. Disposing of cigarettes on the ground can spark a fire. Numerous forest fires have started this way and they can burn acres upon acres of land. This can kill wildlife and even humans. Make sure to always throw your cigarettes away in receptacles that are meant for them. Do your part to reduce the impact of litter in the UK.

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