Miracle Garbage Can Saves Lives

In November of 2012, a Sacramento, CA convenience store incident left people shaken, but alive. A Toyota Camry driver had just topped off her tank and was about to leave when she experienced sudden acceleration.

She had no time to react before the vehicle crashed through the crowded store wall and ended up near the coffee station.

Store owner, M. Zamiri pointed out that the vehicle could have killed scores of people in the store had it not been for a garbage bin that the Camry ran over and became lodged on.

Zamiri praised the garbage can as “beautiful and lovely” because it saved the lives of store employees and customers when it singularly halted the vehicles advance into the crowded store.

Space-Age Solar-Powered Rubbish Cans

Solar Powered BinOne lucky college campus is getting a preview of things to come. The College of Agriculture and Life Sciences at Cornell University in New York, USA installed its first solar-powered rubbish bin.

Solar-powered rubbish bins automatically compact rubbish when the bin becomes full. The faculty staff is notified via a signal transmitted via wireless internet so that the bin may then be emptied.

The new rubbish bin was installed on campus to help reduce costs, improve the environment and to give students a look at this ingenious solution to campus waste management.

The cost-savings are primarily derived from reducing the need to have a human physically checking on each rubbish bin periodically to empty them.

This is certainly a step towards greening Cornell University and it is a symbol of the Cornell’s dedication to advancing and investing in modern technologies that are friendly to the campus and the environment.

Other universities and municipalities are jumping on board and installing similar units.

Ten-Foot Long Centipede Invades Sacramento Rubbish Bin

A blogger on About.com’s Paranormal Phenomena page has offered up a strange tale of a family that was allegedly harassed by demons, ghosts, aliens, and monster centipedes. The story relates how this woman was out in her yard forGiant Centipede a smoke on the ole cigarette, which we shall assume was tobacco, however, we are talking about California, when she heard a buzzing sound. Well, a buzz in California, as I alluded, is neither so abnormal, nor paranormal…usually.

Next, the woman determined that the buzzing and humming sound was emanating from a nearby rubbish bin, a well-known place for buzzing, humming poltergeists to congregate, no doubt. Upon opening the lid of the telltale light blue rubbish bin, she claims to have seen a ten-foot long centipede. She claims that is was so black that it shined, like onyx stone.

Though she was not attacked by the monster bug, which she noted had no feet, (which calls into question how she knew it was a centipede); she was so distraught by the creature that she ran to the garage and retrieved a can of “glue spray” and doused the footless beastie with the full contents of the can. After five minutes she re-opened the can and the creature had vanished.

Apparently the magic glue spray also had monster-disintegrating properties. So, that means it was a tad more powerful than your standard “airplane glue.”  Just saying…

Are Rubbish, Rubbish and Waste Bins Secret Tunnels?

These are just three unusual tales that of rubbish bin strangeness. If you had heard these tales anywhere else you might think they are rubbish. I assure you that the lowly rubbish bin is more than just a convenient way to contain waste before the rubbish collection men come round.

As I read more and more sordid, tawdry and mystical tales involving rubbish and waste bins, the more I believe these are the worm holes (or centipede holes, as it were) we have all heard about in science-fiction movies and novels. Are they passageways between worlds or are they a link to other dimensions? (Answer: probably not.)

There is a lot we do not understand about our world and the other realms that may surround us. Now we are mixing wireless technologies with rubbish bins. What if this indeed exacerbates the wormhole properties of the trusted rubbish receptacle and turns it into a highway from hell?

What would you do if you opened your rubbish bin and something totally unexpected was nestled down amongst the plastic bottles, pizza boxes and frozen dinner trays? Something that looked at you with an evil, menacing eye as it growled in discontent?

Would you slam the lid down, scream and run away? Would you grab the nearest object and attempt to stand your ground and beat down the beast? My suggestion is to grab the Magic Glue Spray and douse the thing!

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