If you live somewhere with a lot of wildlife, you are more than familiar with the problem of keeping animals out of your garden bin. More now than ever, crafty animals such as foxes and rodents are trying to find new ways of getting a quick and easy snack, one of which includes breaking into your garden bin! Since your garden bin is a paradise of trimmings and greens for any pesky critter, here are some helpful tips to keep intruders out!

Avoid Animal and Compostable by-Products

Many people use their green bins for more than just garden waste. In fact, your green bin is technically for any compostable waste! This can include a wide variety of products from animals, such as various meats, bones, or animal waste. Obviously, this type of waste is going to attract many pesky animal noses to your garden bin! Avoid this situation by leaving this type of waste in your black bin. In addition, any biodegradable products are able to be composted and put into the green bin, which people do regularly; this includes things such as dairy products, oil, and grease.

While we may not be able to notice the smell as much, animals certainly do! If you absolutely want to dispose of these types of materials, or animal by-products, in your green bin you should attempt to cover up the smell given off from these by placing them in your bin and covering them with at least 8 inches of brown material, which can include leaves, dirt or straw. Keeping your other compostable substances covered by these largely odourless substances can prevent a great deal of late night break-ins from animals!

Consider Modifying Your Bin

Today’s modern bins are optimized for accessibility and easy use for humans; they are not specifically made to keep things out, but rather to make it easier for people to get in! Because of this, you should probably consider making your bin stronger and harder for animals to get into. This includes a wide variety of options, based on your personal preferences and your handiness.

For those that are not so comfortable around tools and do not have as much time on their hands, there is a very simple solution, albeit an unwieldy and unsightly one: use something heavy to weigh down the top of your bins! A common weight used to keep animals out of bins are bricks.

If you don’t want to deal with taking off and putting back on something heavy every time you need to use your bin, you should consider a clip-on bin! This handy invention affixes a tight clip to your bin. This extra step is largely animal proof and adds a great deal of security to your waste and compost materials. If you can afford it and are confident in your abilities to attach this addition, consider a clip-on to your bin!

Finally, if you have small holes, such as aeration holes, in your green bin, you should highly consider lining you bin with a wire mesh. Pesky rodents can squeeze their way through holes to get easy access to your materials; installing a mesh to the inside of your bin prevents this. When choosing this option, make sure that you are using wire mesh, as rodents can easily chew through plastic mesh.

In conclusion, while at times it may seem a hopeless affair to keep animals out of your waste, there are a number of simple, easy, solutions that can help you drive offenders away! Change the way you dispose of animal and other compostable waste, and make changes to your bin to make it more secure!

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