While you can find almost anything in Manhattan, citizens in the city were shocked to find a giant dead snake in a rubbish bin on 42nd street. It turns out that someone dumped the snake in the bin and left it. Meanwhile, people who had to walk past the snake were horrified. Most probably assumed that the snake was still alive. They screamed and the police were notified and came to the scene as soon as possible. Snakes aren’t common in New York so one in a rubbish bin on a very popular street caused quite a fright. An officer on the scene quickly removed the snake from the bin and placed it into a box.

A Slippery Business

The snake was hanging out the side of the bin and half of its body and head were hanging out. It was discolored due to being dead, but it appears as if the snake had brown and/or yellow coloring. Most individuals probably thought that the snake was alive and escaping through the bin. The speculation is that the snake had probably been ran over and disposed of because it was squashed flat.


It’s unclear what kind of snake this was. There are 17 species of snake found in New York and of those, only three are venomous. The odds that this was a poisonous snake are not that high, but this was still a scary experience.

A Snake Epidemic?

New York’s snakes are a rarity, but they have been spotted more and more lately. The majority of them kill their prey by trapping them in their jaw and simply swallowing them whole. However, the black rat snake and the milk snake kill their prey by wrapping their body around it and constricting it. The venomous snakes have fortunately not been spotted by pedestrians lately.

Weirdly enough, this is not the first incident of a snake being dumped in a rubbish bin in New York. Recently, there have been quite a few reports of snakes being found in the area. One resident found a dead snake on the sidewalk in Brooklyn. This snake was also huge like the one recently found on 42nd Street. It’s unclear how it got there and this was a highly unusual incident.

Additionally, another New York resident found a snakeskin in her bowl of potpourri, but there was no snake in sight. She put a bag of potpourri into a bowl and then later heard something falling in the room with potpourri. When she had arrived, she noticed some of it was on the floor and was horrified to realize there was a snakeskin in there as well. She came to the conclusion that a snake was on the loose in her home and frantically searched for the missing snake. However, she never found it. She describes the snake’s skin as being “fresh” and that is why she was positive that the snake had just shed its skin and escaped.

This was just the latest incident to have been reported involving snakes. It’s unclear as to why so many of these encounters are happening now.

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