The upcycling of old shipping containers seems to be the in-thing at the moment. Some cool examples we know of are Hobo Food (pictured), a travelling smokehouse and grill that visits festivals and events across the UK in a glazed container on wheels, and Leeds theatre company Slung Low, who converted a couple of units into very creative offices. It’s a great idea, as you can pick up a container for next to nothing wherever you live thanks to companies like, and providing you have planning permission, health and safety checks and whatnot, you can then turn it into practically anything you like.

We were particularly intrigued when we read about a recycling pioneer who has launched a £10,000 fundraising drive to create a new reuse depot composed of eight shipping containers. Freegle founder Cat Fletcher is seeking funding for the project to buy the containers for the depot in central Brighton and Hove. Fletcher, who led the pioneering and award-winning Waste House project in Brighton, has launched a crowdfunding project to create a hub capable of receiving, sorting, repairing and redistributing unwanted goods and materials for reuse. She claims it will be the first centre of its kind on such a scale in the UK and could be ready by July.

Facilities will be provided for a scrap and materials store for artists, students, schools, festivals and creative projects, a “library of things” hosting items such as ladders, drills and TVs that people can borrow, a drop-off point for donations to charities and reuse organisations, and space to run community events and education programmes based around resourcefulness.

We think that this is a cracking idea! A recycling guru recycling old shipping containers to create a recycling community: it just sounds right, you know? We wish Cat all the best in her endeavours and will definitely have to make a trip to Brighton and Hove when it’s all up and running.


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