Have you ever walked all the way down a street with rubbish in your hand because there isn’t a bin in sight? It isn’t pleasant. Whether it’s due to budget cuts, poor planning or the decision that a particular area doesn’t get enough foot traffic, a lack of bins can result in a huge increase in litter. We say “litter” rather than “littering” because many people will finally find a bin that’s overflowing and precariously add their rubbish to it, only for it to fall out minutes later due to it being filled beyond capacity. To combat the problem, expertly designed outdoor bins need to be present at regular intervals.

Our huge range of external bins covers all kinds of styles, capacities and price ranges, from simple plastic bins with clips for businesses and households (product code clipbin85colours), to the beautiful wood model pictured below (ekowood39), which includes two 39-litre compartments for segregating general waste from recyclables. Meanwhile, landmark containers (3963) are hugely popular with stadiums, office buildings, airports and fast food outlets due to their unparalleled sturdiness, whopping 189-litre capacity and a base that can be locked into position for added safety and security. We also stock a variety of styles that are perfect for local authorities and public realm areas, bottle skips for bars and restaurants, and metal trash cans that look especially fitting outside American diners.

By placing bins in spots that are easy to access, you reduce the probability of litter, dog waste and dropped cigarette butts. Speaking of which, we have an entire section on our site dedicated to cigarette bins, both wall-mounted and freestanding, starting from simple solutions to self-extinguishing models the likes of the Smokers’ Pole (smokerspole). Outdoor bins also show forethought, consideration and environmental responsibility, helping to keep your company’s reputation as tidy as the street it’s located on.

Take a look at our selection of external bins and find one that suits your requirements. Don’t forget that you can sort results by bestsellers, price and A-Z, making shopping so much easier. We offer fast delivery, lowest price guarantee and multiple product discounts as standard, plus if your organisation is a school, dentist or government sector, you can even pay by purchase order if you wish,.

Need help? Get in touch with our Customer Support team on 01684 292727 or email us at sales@imrubbish.co.uk. We’re here to make waste disposal and recycling a doddle.


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