Padstow-based Ben Philips was in for a rude shock when he found that his black-coloured hold all bag carrying sailing gear had been dumped to the back of a refuse lorry. Ben was cleaning his car when this incident occurred. A refuse company, Cory environmental was on its daily routine of picking up rubbish bin bags. When the bin men found Ben’s black colour hold-all bag, they took it as a rubbish bin bag, and threw the bag in along with the other dumped trash bags.

Ben Philips was actually cleaning his car when the bin men dumped his hold all bag. Bin men have been authorized to collect only black bin bags. Ben’s holdall bag contained accessories required for a sailing trip including a Quicksilver wet suit and boots.

Ben lives in a cul-de-sac, and was cleaning his car. He had opened the doors of his car and had placed all the objects present in the car including the black holdall bag on the road in order to vacuum the car. After completing the cleaning process inside the car, when he returned to load all the objects back in to his car, he found his holdall bag missing. He got information from the onlookers that his black bag has indeed been dumped by the refuse company. Ben had actually requested the refuse company to compensate him for their actions. They have been refusing to make any compensation.

This incident happened in the month of April. For the last two months, Ben has been fighting this case with Cory Environmental. A couple of weeks back, Ben had got a letter from Cory stating that they had done a thorough investigation on the matter and found that there was no evidence to penalize Cory and Cory is not liable to pay any damages. Ben was quoted as saying, “Someone has to take responsibility. I have reported this matter to the Cornwall council. But they say that they don’t have anything to do with this matter and puts the blame entirely on Cory”.

Ben Philips has recently joined Padstow sea cadets. He is very sure that he placed his bag on the pavement, which is far away from the closest trash bin on the road. Ben is convinced that the Cory bin men had done a mistake and that he has to be compensated for that. He also told Cornish Daily that he had placed his holdall bag on top of the dog basket. Cory bin men had only taken his holdall bag that is worth 350 pounds and didn’t touch the dog basket. Ben now has to buy a new set of sailing safety gear for his kid and for this; he has to pay from his own pocket.

When the Cornish Daily tried to contact a spokesperson from Cory Environmental, the spokesperson had this to say. “We are in constant touch with Mr Philips and we are confident that a satisfactory agreement would be reached very soon”.

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