Buying the correct rubbish bins for your business has never been easier. But before you get started, you will want to do a small amount of pre-planning just to make sure you acquire the right type and number of bins to handle all the rubbish that is generated.

In addition, you will want to develop a plan for getting the bins cleaned out each day. A small business may have one person designated to empty the small bins into the outside waste bin. Larger businesses will fare better if they hire a cleaning service to handle this because paying employees to do housekeeping chores of this magnitude is not cost-effective.

Outside the Business

First, start with the outside. Do you require a waste container or has one been provided for your company by the property owners? If one has not been provided, you will need to search for a waste bin that can handle a week’s worth of rubbish since most pickups occur only about once a week now. Keep in mind that if there is ever a strike or weather issue that delays a pick-up you do not want to be stuck with an overflowing waste bin outside your business.

Determine if the outside bin should be segregated for recycling or not. Most waste management containers are not so segregated as it normally the case that result is sorted into other bins and not placed in the general waste bin.  Again, this is a call that you may or may not have to make depending on if you are going to have to provide the bin system or not.

Placement of the bin and aesthetic coverage will also need to be determined. Make sure that the outside bin will be firmly seated in an area that will not lead to deterioration of the bin’s bottom. Most plastic bins are best set up on a pallet or a homemade platform to keep it from being scraped on rough concrete or asphalt. This would also apply to a metal bin where moisture on the ground would quickly rust out the bottom.

Outside the building, but closer to it, you may wish to place a cigarette bin. This can be used by customers or visitors and by employees who must take the occasional smoke break. It is advisable that the cigarette bin, and thus the smoking area, not be too close to the main entrance of your business as this will have a negative impact on customers and other people with whom you do business.

Inside the Business

Inside the business, you are likely to require bins in at least three places:

  1. You will need a bin in the restroom for the disposal of paper towels.
  2. You will need waste paper bins at each desk, cubicle or workstation. Offices used for training or meetings need have only one container as that is usually sufficient for that type of environment.
  3. You will need to place a couple of bins in the break room or cafeteria.

The cafeteria in another area in which you may wish to deploy segregate containers, or at least separate containers for each type of recyclate. This should be based upon the amount of recyclate you expect to have. Many environment-conscious businesses deploy a bin to collect aluminium cans, another for plastic bottles, and then allow all other waste to be disposed of in a general waste container.

Organizing the Bins

Some insist that employees break down rubbish a step or two further and provide a cardboard bin and a paper bin. Larger corporations can afford to do this because they have a sufficient number of employees. When large amounts of waste cardboard are being generated by employees bringing in boxed TV dinners or take out that is packaged in cardboard, it makes sense.

Actually, it makes more than sense, it makes money. This is another reason why larger companies will insist on full-fledged recycling of cans, plastic, cardboard and paper. The revenue generated can sometimes be sizeable.  Of course, in this day of cost-cutting and penny-pinching even in the largest corporations, every little bit of revenue helps. Each business has to make the determination as to the value of recycling and how to approach it.

When you are ready to select the bins you need, visit the internet or a local shop to select the appropriate bins for your environment. You will be delighted that bins are available in a wide range of colours, shapes and sizes, and can easily blend into your business environment rather than detract from it.

Bins are affordable and are a great way to control the rubbish generated by your employee base.

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