A new fortnightly bin collection system in Bolton has been met with animosity by some figures of the community. This policy may not collect waste often enough, as evidenced by fly-tipping and public sentiment against the program.

The governmental council for the town of Bolton was criticized recently regarding new changes to its wheelie bin collection policy from a well-known star from the soap “Coronation Street.” Last month, the council called for a new policy that collected grey rubbish bins fortnightly; this change was in order to save on the costs of bin disposal, as well as an attempt to improve the rate at which individuals in the community recycled their waste.

However, it appears that this policy has not been met with overwhelming approval, especially from famous members of the community. Georgia May Foote, the actress portraying Katy Armstrong in Coronation Street, lashed out against the recent decision of the council on Twitter recently.

Foote ignited a dialogue with the council by tweeting “How can anyone think that only getting your black bin emptied every two weeks is a good idea? Ridiculous!” Clearly, Foote is distraught at what seems to be governmental empathy over the waste and recycling needs of the residents of Bolton.

The council fired back at her, however, citing that they “need to save £40m because of a cut to grant money from gov.” on the social networking site. Regardless of which party is correct, it is apparent that this new policy has created issues in the Bolton community.

These changes were made back on May 13, and are the primary component of an initiative to save £2.6 million in waste disposal costs across the town. However, this operation has not run entirely smoothly. Many citizens, which are represented by Foote, are having trouble getting their bins out on time on collection days. While the council advises individuals to have their bins out by 7:30am when bins are supposed to be collected, bin men are actually coming earlier, meaning that many citizens are being left with their black bin for even longer than a fortnight.

In addition, these swift changes have created “hiccups” in the waste collection system for Bolton, as termed by Bolton council. These hiccups were reported by the Bolton News, which documented how bins in the neighbourhood of Blackhorse Avenue, Blackrod had not been emptied for eight weeks. When questioned about this manner, Councillor Anne Cunliffe cited this “hiccup” in the system, which has overlooked some neighbourhoods and has resulted in earlier than expected collection times in others, such as the neighbourhood Georgia May Foote lives in. This “hiccup” also occurred at Hartfield Walk in Tonge Fold, where bins were not collected for five weeks, which the council has since apologized for.

The newly implemented bin collection policy has been welcomed by all residents, Bolton council insists. However, this is not supported by a recent increase in fly-tipping, in which individuals dump their waste illegally instead of in their bins. This trend would suggest that many citizens do not have adequate space for their waste to last a fortnight in the bin. Outcry from public figures also suggests that not everyone agrees with this budget-saving policy. Only time will tell if Bolton’s new collection policy proves to be effective.

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