We specialise in bins. (Duh!) But as a result we also hold cleanliness as a core value. Sometimes customers ask us for tips that go beyond bin hygiene, so we thought we’d share a few tips on how to keep your home as germ-free as possible, and they’re pretty easy to follow too!



First off, forget about the old saying “if it’s yellow let it mellow” and flush every time! On top of that basic principle, make sure to clean your toilet regularly using disinfectant (get right into that U-bend with a bog brush), and limescale should be removed using a descaling product. Also make sure to keep the seat and handle clean, as these can be easy to forget about when you’re focusing on making the porcelain shine. A cistern block will also help keep the toilet clean and fragrant with each flush.


Floor mopping

To get real results, both visually and hygienically, use two buckets for mopping. One should be for detergent or soapy water, and the other for rinsing. This may sound obvious but most people just use the one bucket, which means that dirt and germs are being spread straight back onto the floor. Always clean the mop and bucket thoroughly after use and leave to dry, preferably outdoors if possible.


Washing up

Clean those dishes, scour those pans, make that cutlery dazzle! Once you’ve finished, you also need to clean the very cleaning products themselves. Disinfect sponges and cloths and give the washing up bowl and sink a thorough wipe and rinse, that way they’ll be fresh for the next post-meal scrub.



The very thing that helps get you clean in the morning can become dirty, simply from being wet all of the time. Occasionally remove the showerhead and place in a bowl of vinegar, as this helps to break up limescale. Lemon juice can also be added to the mix to help naturally clean away all grime. Needless to say, thoroughly rinse the showerhead afterwards, otherwise you may end up smelling like a chip butty after your next shower.


Shower curtain

If your shower curtain is made of fabric rather than plastic, it can quickly begin to smell. Check the washing instructions label – if you’re able to pop it in the washing machine, start the habit of doing so on a regular basis. Plus it’s so easy to dry, simply hang it back on its hooks!


Washing machine

This is another cleaning utensil that can get dirty the more it’s used. We recommend running the washing machine on empty after every few washes; this gives it a chance to dislodge any particularly stubborn dirt and odours that are caught in the drum or drainage system.



Always keep all surfaces clean and free of crumbs and splashes, thereby maintaining a hygienic space for food preparation. Use separate chopping boards for meat and vegetables and soak them afterwards, plus the kettle should also be descaled regularly as no one likes a chalky cuppa. And of course, always use the right bin for the right materials.


We have more of these household hygiene tips but we don’t want to give them all away in one go. Check back in the near future for more ways to keep your home as fresh as a daisy.


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