Choosing where you’ll place your recycling bins is a large part of ensuring that you’ll be successful in your commitment to using your recycling bins. Each and every time you have something that needs to be recycled in your hands, having close and convenient access to a recycling bin will reinforce your good behaviour in using the bin. Making recycling feel less like a chore is key to success in making recycling a daily habit.

The Kitchen

A common place to have a recycling bin is of course in the kitchen. Whether it makes sense to you to have one or more recycling bins in the kitchen is the first question to ask for this room. Many people may find that having more than one bin in the kitchen is convenient. Perhaps storing one on the countertop for quick access and storing another larger one under the sink or beside the cabinets may be the best idea. Having yet another bin beside the kitchen door presents another feasible solution to increase accessibility to a recycling bin throughout your home.

The Home Office

As many people now find their professional lives spilling into the home, a recycling bin in the home office makes sense. Disposing of paper waste from a document shredder is easy with a dedicated recycling bin handy in the workspace. Additionally, disposing of common waste coming from the desktop is done easily with a recycle bin within arm’s reach; whether it be under the desk, on the desktop, or tucked neatly beside the desk.

The Kids’ Room

Parents often advise getting their children to consistently use a recycle bin can be a challenge. An ideal solution to this problem is to instil a sense of duty in children by providing them each with their very own recycling bin. Helping them to select one in their favourite colour and having their input in the placement of the recycling bin are great morale boosters. Each child should place all of their recyclable items inside their very own bin that is kept in a location that is easily monitored by their parent.

Other Areas

Homeowners with access to their own home gym may enjoy having a recycling bin alongside their machines to dispose of the paper towels used to wipe down their machines easily. Another bin placed by the water cooler to dispose of one-time use drinking cups is idea and makes recycling that much easier.

Looking around your home you may see many idea locations for a recycling bin. The many sizes of bins makes accommodating the placement in most any spot in your home practical. Easy access to recycling bins is paramount to establishing an easy routine that will encourage the regular automatic usage of your recycling bins. With a little thought in advance while choosing the locations throughout your home for recycle bins, recycling not only becomes easy – it helps you live your life more efficiently.

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