If you have an interest in how you can use the recycling and reusing scheme to create some unusual and intriguing items to use at the home, school, dorm or office, then check out Recycled Wonders on Pinterest.

Here you will find hundreds of photos depicting the creative ways in which people have turned old, useless junk into practical, usable items. This is the essence of recycling, reusing and reducing waste. This is the heart of the green movement and the rewards that can be enjoyed from pursuing it.

Items featured include a unique and decorative way to use old wooden chairs to make an elevated dog feeding station that is great for large-sized dogs, create beautiful tin can lanterns, or turn an old suitcase and mirror into a new medicine cabinet, complete with locks to keep unwanted guests and kids out.

The site displays hundreds of remarkable ideas that even the least crafty person can use to create useful items and reduce landfill waste. The pictures are beautifully shot and are reminiscent of a quaint old mail order catalog packed with exquisite home ideas. But, rather than having to purchase these items, you can learn how to mix a little recycling with a touch of creativity and VOILA, you will have them cost-free. And, each project will trigger new ideas that you can enjoy.

  • Have you ever considered making a handy tote bag by weaving old shopping bags together?
  • Would you have thought to use an old caster wheel as a photo paperweight on your desk?
  • How about using an old bicycle rim to create a grow rack for sweet peas?
  • Why toss out old shirts when they can easily be redesigned into a dress for a toddler?

The recycling projects that you find here typically have instructions, tutorials and more helpful info so that you can begin to turn all junk in the attic or garage into something useful and keep it out of the local landfill.

Recycling Wonders

Another fascinating web site is the blog entitled Recycling Wonders. This site is perfect for the person who wants to reuse old items rather than trash them. Not only does this reduce the burden on the environment, but it is a thrifty way to own practical items with barely any cost. Reusing eliminates the cost of hauling the item to the landfill, and it saves landfill space. The ideas are free, the old items are free, and it is just a wonderful experience of freedom, of creativity and of love of the planet.

While not as extensive as the previously discussed site, this blog is full of equally fun and exciting ideas and projects that will motivate you to take a second look at things you consider rubbish. Maybe they have a purpose after all. And in that repurposing you will find a plethora of pleasure and utility. Create new things from old and improve the environment by doing so.

SuperGreen Technologies

For the more technology-oriented green enthusiast, there is SuperGreen Technologies. Supergreen provides nanotechnology tankless hot water heaters. Both commercial and residential properties can enjoy the deep cost savings by installing such technology. Put the environment first and do your part to save clean water while also saving your hard-earned money.

The site discusses how the use of Far-Infrared Technology works and how it affects the human body and the environment. Discover the fascinating Quartz Far-Infrared Heating Element, a truly breakthrough device that can save you money while preserving the environment.

You can also find a useful directory of all the Conservation Departments and Conservation Laws in the USA. Additional links provide information on local recycling centres, oil reprocessing centres, and more.

The nanotechnologies are state of the art processes that are the way things will work tomorrow, but available for our benefit today.


Web sites such as the ones referenced above show different sides of the waste and recycling process. Here there is no gritty, grimy, smelly waste. Instead, there is the forward-looking perspective of the new technologies and the rearward-looking creativity that transforms useless rubbish into things of beauty.

Once you are aware of the many benefits that come with recycling, reusing and reducing waste, you will better positioned to reap maximum benefit from these processes. In doing so, you will help to save the environment around you. This means cleaner air, water, land and energy for everyone. It also means a more sustainable existence for this and for future generations.

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