7699041718_150463c5c8_zShowing that you care for the environment can take many forms, but one of the most creative is designing appealing and eye-catching stickers to fix on rubbish bins. These stickers may be humorous or informative, but they are most useful when they draw the attention of people passing by. If you can design a sticker that will draw their attention for just a moment, odds are good that you’ll get more people to drop their waste off properly. While it may seem small, these changes are cumulative and add up to make a large impact on recycling behaviour within a community.

Use a Little Humour

A bit of wit will go a long way towards encouraging citizens to recycle. If you can make people laugh, the thought of recycling will stay with them throughout the day. They may even talk about the sticker to their friends and family, and get them to check it out for themselves.

Many times you can draw inspiration for bin stickers by looking at some classic tattoo ideas. Just like a good tattoo artist looks at a person’s skin as a canvas for designs, you can think of the bin as a way to draw a funny and eye catching design. Lip stick patterns are a good way to get a laugh, since its pretty unexpected to think that anyone would be kissing a rubbish bin. Use other tattoo designs such as anchors, mom hearts and familiar symbols that most people passing by would instantly understand. Don’t try to get too esoteric, and remember that you want to appeal to a wide audience here.

Look at the way that graffiti artists such as Banksy incorporate their surroundings to make this kind of art into a comical and engaging experience. If you can use their stickers to give the bin a human appearance (e.g., eyes, nose, etc.), it will draw a lot of laughs and looks from your audience.

Mix in a Little Information

Once you’ve got their attention, try to throw in a little bit of trivia about recycling to make your message clear. Make it especially relevant to the behaviour you want to elicit from the person standing next to the bin. Talk about how much damage cans, bottles and trash can do to the environment. Talk about how much simple behaviour can add up over time to improve the cleanliness of a city. Look up some solid facts on recycling and try to condense them down to a few words for the person looking at the bin.

Finally, make it clear what you’re trying to do with each bin. If you want to specific a bin for certain types of rubbish (i.e., paper, plastic, aluminium), make sure that you make it clear and easy to understand for the person looking at the bin. Remember that nearly everyone is busy these days, and that the easier you make recycling on each person the more likely they will to actually do it. Don’t be afraid to experiment with your stickers, and try to figure out which ones make people most receptive to the idea of taking just a little bit of time to show some love for the environment.

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